RN Fiber Optic Closure for FTTH

Fiber Optic Splice Closures


04 RN Fiber Optic Closure for FTTH

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· Description
NWC RN Fiber Optic Closure is designed to be comprised of PLC splitters allowing optical power to be split into 16 channels.  The easy-to-sure gasket sealing system further simplifies the installation process and provides superior protection from the external environments. The unit can support up to 8 drop cables in FTTH applications and shall be served with all of the mechanical requirement such as waterproof, impact resistance and securing feeder and drop cables. Included two optical splice trays shall be used for PLC splitter installations and drop cable splicing.

· Features
arrow_03  Can accommodate up to 1X16 PLC splitter on one splice tray
arrow_03  Up to 8 FTTH drop cables
arrow_03  Special drop grommet for cable
arrow_03  compact size, light-weight
arrow_03  High impact resistant and UV resistant thermoplastic for long life

arrow_03  Hinged tray structure
arrow_03  Bending radius: 15mm for RN Tray(1x4,1x8,1x16 splitter available)
arrow_03  Easy to assemble

· Specifications

  Dimensions  L: 293mm, W: 183mm, H: 98mm
  Weight  1.6Kg
  Cable input capacity & Cable size(mm)  Max 4 ports( 2port for Ø3.5, 2port for Ø8)
  Cable output capacity & Cable size(mm)  Max 8 ports(Ø3.5)
  Max Splice capacity  32core
  Operation Temperature  (-40℃~+85℃)

· Capacity

1 Fiber Drop Cable 2Fiber Drop Cable 3Fiber Drop Cable 4Fiber Drop Cable
8 core 16core 24core 32core